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Vape Store Vape Juice Testing Station | 3D Printed

Vape Store Vape Juice Testing Station | 3D Printed

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Vape Store Vape Juice Testing Station
This is a custom made product for vape stores and suppliers. The station has space for 15 10ml vape juice bottles. The stand has been tried and proven to be a great piece in a busy vape shop. It catches the eye and can be fully customised to your store's branding.
The design pictured holds OXVA XLIM Pods, but this can be changed to any pods that your store uses.
Each stand holds 15 juices, 15 pods and 1 vape.
It has a tray at the front for the disposable rubber tips for your customers to try out the flavours.

Our stands come with 2 RGB strips built into the unit. The lights can be adjusted to any colour and even to cycle between colours. This is all controlled using the single controller provided.

This stand was built with modularity in mind. Each stand has a magnetic removable insert tray so if you decided to change which pods you have as your test pods, then all you would have to replace is the single tray and not the whole stand. It saves you time and money.
The stands have a connection point underneath, so one or more can be connected to each other side by side. The signs are fully replaceable to swap them out when needed too. This means if you decide to change the vape juice you are advertising, we can send you out another sign for a fraction of the price it would cost to purchase a whole new stand.

You can choose the colour, branding, lighting and the insert sizes of everything. This product has been designed to fit perfectly around your store. We will work closely with you to ensure everything is exactly as you need it.
Each LED strip has a USB cable, 2 in total. The unit can either be powered using a double female USB to single USB extension (2m) or via a 4x AA battery pack so the unit can stand alone from any power source.
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