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3D Print Land is a small operation running out of Wales in the UK. The business was created by Jay Parry/@badoomtch. Jay is a software engineering graduate who picked up 3D printing in his last year of university. Already having the web development and software skills needed, 3D Print Land was created.

The goal of 3D Print Land was to offer a way to get 3D printed parts to those who don’t have the ability to do so. Other options out there are charging an extreme premium for what is designed to be a cheap manufacturing process. We aren’t a thousand printer operation in a huge warehouse, but we’re dedicated to what we do with the equipment we have.

We hope to keep expanding the options available to our customers including more printing methods, filament colours and types and finishes. 3D printing is still fairly early compared to the potential of the technology. Getting 3D-printed parts or models into people’s hands helps spread the word of this tech.