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Elevate your jewelry organization with our 3D Printed Skeleton Hand Jewelry Ring Holder—a unique and meticulously crafted decor piece that combines form and function in one.

Expertly designed and printed for precision and durability, this detailed skeleton hand design serves as a captivating way to keep your rings organized and easily accessible. Add a touch of artistic charm to your dressing area with this functional and artistic piece.

Colour may be slightly different when picking rainbow due to the nature of the printing spools.

The model is printed using PLA+ in various colours.

Colour Chart

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Author – @9_193673
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Weight 0.018 kg
Dimensions 7.7 × 5.5 × 11.5 cm

1. Black, 2. White, 3. Gold, 4. Silver, 5. Grey, 6. Blue, 7. Light Blue, 8. Red, 9. Olive Green, 10. Peak Green, 11. Purple, 12. Pink, 13. Orange, 14. Brown, 15. Rainbow, 16. Marble


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